4 Easy Tips to Make a Blog

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Blogging has become extremely popular way to share knowledge on internet. Blog is a way to express you in best form. You can share useful information, write tips and interesting content for online audience.
The interesting fact is that you can make easy money sharing your knowledge and writing skills. As you get web traffic you are ready to make money with advertisement on your blogs using google adsense or private ads.
Here are simple and easy tips to make an easy useful blog.
1- Have an Idea
Before jumping into blogging, have a clear idea in your mind. What do you have to share with public. Where is your strength, know your weak points. Prepare the ground with some home work. Do not write junk articles that are useless. Try to reach to public with quality useful content.
2- Purchase a domain name
As you are done with your idea, now is the time to register your idea in the form of domain name. A domain is a unique identity of your idea and web address to reach your blog e.g. yourname. com.
Go to any domain registrar to register a domain for your blog, it will cost your around $10 per year. Some example domain registrars are: Name.com, Internet.Bs, GoDaddy.com etc.
Do not choose free blogging websites if you are serious to promote your blog. You have no real control on free hosting or blogging providers.
3- Purchase a Hosting Account
This is the final and important step to transform your idea into real product and start making money on internet. Purchase an affordable web hosting for your blog. An affordable package will cost $25 to $40 per year.
After purchasing hosting account, install Word Press to start writing web pages. Word Press is an industry leading content management system used widely for thousands of blogs.
4- Monetize your blog
You can monetize your blog for better income. Apply for Google AdSense code and embed this code in your articles. You will be paid by displaying ads on your website by Google.
Write quality and interesting content to build quality traffic.
It is very simple to register a domain and make your blog live on internet. For best web hosting I would suggest shopaserver.com for your blog as cpanel hosting. Shopaserver is my favorite host with extremely affordable plans.

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